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Project Installer

The installer for this project is our partner, S.M.E Electrical Co. (Pte.)Ltd. There will be only 1 company involved and S.M.E is in-charge of installing the solar panels and other equipment.

S.M.E Electrical Co. (Pte.) Ltd. – Installer

S.M.E Electrical Co Pte Ltd started up as a partnership by a few of friends taking on electrical installation works. Their services include design, installation and retrofitting of electrical systems of high and low installation; and extra low voltage systems and became a sizable size of sub-contractors. In 1975, Mr Too Hin Tay and Mr Lee Tian Tong incorporated S.M.E Electrical Co. (Pte) Ltd and continued to grow the company. The company had taken on wider range  of projects and installations by venturing overseas to places such as Myanmar. In addition, S.M.E Electromechanical (L.L.C) (Dubai) was set up on 2006 and is being overseen by Mr. Lee.

The company continue the commitment to take on instrumentation and control works project includes major project, Inter Micron Flash Singapore and Rolls Royce Plant (Achord) at Seletar Aerospace. Looking ahead, S.M.E. Electrical Co (Pte.) Ltd plans to venture out of Singapore in neighboring countries such as Malaysia. As for the local branch, the company is looking into diversifying its services and increasing its work force to stay ahead of competition.

Roles for this project:

  1. Site clearance  and site leveling
  2. Installation of Mounting Structures and Solar Panels
  3. Installation of inverters and AC/DC cables
  4. Erection Substation and connection to power grid

Providing Clean Energy

We want the whole world to know that there is no disadvantage of using renewable energy.

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