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A 5MW Ground Mount Solar Power plant has been proposed by JTC in Jurong Island. Jurong Island is an artificial island located to the SouthWest of the main island of Singapore, off Jurong Industrial Estate. It was formed from the amalgamation of seven offshore islands.

The Solar Land Programme – Proposal To Design, Build, Own & Operate a Photovoltaic Power System is located at Plot L8201802039 at Seraya Place, Jurong Island.

Image source: Google Map https://www.google.com/maps/

To start off with this project, each and everyone who are involved will need to know the DC System Size, Area of Plant, Latitude (deg N), Longitude (deg E), Elevation (m), Module Type, Array Type, Optimum Tilt Angle of Panels, Average Solar Radiation, Maximum String Length, No. of String per Inverter and No. of Solar Panels needed for this project. Planning of a project including drawing of the layout will need at least 1 or 2 months prior starting of the project on site.

The details of the mentioned points above are as follows:

  1. DC System Size (kw) – 5MW
  2. Area of Plant – 3.9 Hectares
  3. Latitude (deg N) – 1.37 
  4. Longitude (deg E) – 103.98
  5. Elevation (m) – 16
  6. Module Type – Crystalline
  7. Array Type – Fixed Ground Mounted
  8. Optimum Tilt Angle of Panels – 10 Degrees
  9. Average Solar Radiation – 4.58 (kWh / m2 / day)
  10. Maximum String Length – 20
  11. No. of String Inverter – 8 Strings
  12. No. of Solar Panels – 15,200 Nos

Image source: Google Map https://www.google.com/maps/

For this project, we will be implementing the first-of-its-kind containerised Solar PV System in Singapore. This method is to corporate the whole Solar PV System into a shipping container with ‘plug and play’ module; which increases the mobility of the Solar PV System; where the whole system can be install, dismantle and shift to another location easily thus allowing land usage  to be ‘on demand’ without burden of a lengthy changeover of usage. By using this method, it allows us to reduce the installation time around 30%. Upon successful proof of concept, the containerised Solar PV System may have other various application.

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