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Terrenus Energy Jurong Pte Ltd

Terrenus Energy bid a project from Singapore Government agency, JTC Corporation for an installation of solar panels on a 3.9 hectare vacant plot of land on Jurong Island. This project is a 5MW Ground Mount Solar power plant. In 2018, Terrenus Energy has won this project from JTC. Terrenus Energy Jurong is a company under the management of Terrenus Energy Pte Ltd. We focus more on the development of our biggest project that will be operationally ready in 2019. For this project, we will be implementing and installing the first-of-its-kind  containerised Solar PV System in Singapore.

S.M.E Electrical Co Pte Ltd

S.M.E Electrical Co is our devoted partner. We are in collaboration with S.M.E since the very first day for the ‘Solar Land Programme – Design, Build, Own & Operate a Photovoltaic Power System’. They are a well established solar installer with many outstanding experiences since 1975.

Do visit here to know more about S.M.E Electrical Co Pte Ltd

JTC Corporation

JTC Corporation (JTC) is the lead agency in Singapore to spearhead the planning, promotion and development of dynamic industrial landscape. Over the decades, JTC pioneered cutting-edge industrial infrastructure solutions to meet the evolving needs of companies with each phase of industrialisation. As the industrial infrastructure specialist, JTC has developed over 7000 hectares of industrial land and 4 million square metres of ready-built facilities.

Jurong Island

Jurong Island is the cornerstone of Singapore’s energy and chemicals industry and home to a vibrant portfolio of more than 100 leading global petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemical companies. Jurong Island is a highly sensitive area, therefore we are honoured to have won the project and was chosen to take the full responsibility in handling this Solar Project from JTC. Knowing that the area is a restricted area, we will definitely take a very close precaution when the project is being carried out.

Providing Clean Energy

We want the whole world to know that there is no disadvantage of using renewable energy.

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