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Project Timeline –
Completion Period Of Project

Our engineer has created an estimated timeline for the project. We started Initiating (Appointment of consultants) in March 2018. The estimated duration for this stage took a month. After Initiating stage, we proceed with the Planning stage, where the planning of Electrical Design, Site Design are Civil Design were carried out with our consultants. As we need to deal with different companies, the planning stage will take around 3 months to be fully completed. Therefore, the planning process will be from March 2018 to June 2018.

We will be working with SME and I2R Consultancy for the Electrical Design planning. For Electrical Design we will need to do the Simulation of PV Plant, Design of SLD for PV System, Sizing of Cables for PV System, Sizing of cables length, Submission of Specs and Data Sheet of Inverter and Panels for Approval, Submission of PV layout for Approval, Submission of SLD for Approval and Submission of Fire safety measures to SCDF for Approval.

For the stages we will work on the Preconsultation with SPPG for Connection Scheme, Submission of CS2 to SPPG, Consultation with SPPG on Sub-Station layout and size, Consultation with SCDF regarding the fire protection system for PV plant, Design of SLD for MV system, Design and Calculation for Sub-Station Electrical System, Submission and Approval of Sub-Station Design from SPPG, Submission of Connection Scheme to SPPG, Submission of Fire Safety Documents to SCDF and Submission of Power Quality Report to PSO for Approval.

We will be doing the Site Design together with SME. For this stage, we will need to conduct Topographic Survey, Soil Investigation for Sub-Station Area, Cable Detection Plan at Site, Planning for Site Clearing and Leveling, Planning for Site Fencing, Planning the Location of OG Boxes, Planning for the Cable Route and Laying Works and Coordinating with I2R Consultancy in Submission of CS2 application to SPPG.

For Civil Design, Preparing Specification for Site Leveling, Preparing Specification for Sub-Station Site Leveling and Compaction, Design for Telecom Line (WiFi Services), Design of structures for Sub-Stations Equipment, Design of Housing Structure for Sub-Station and Design of Ballast Foundation for Mounting Structure are some of the stages we need to conduct for Civil Design .

A continuation from the previous one, the stages of Civil Design are Design of Mounting Structure for Solar Panels, Submission of Structural Design of Sub-Station to BCA and Submission of Structural Design of Ballast Foundation and Mounting Structure to BCA.

Moving on, we will proceed with the Executing stage after the completion of Planning Stage. This is where the Preliminary Site Activities, Structural Execution of Sub-Station, Electrical Installation of Sub-Station, Delivery of Equipment for Solar Plant, Installation of Panels and Inverters will be conducted.

Preliminary Site Activities consists of 11 stages; They are Temporary Structure Building at Site, Topo Survey at Site, Conducting Soil Investigation for Sub-Station Area, Site Clearing (Uprooting of trees and other necessary activities), Fencing of the Site, Preparing the Sub-Station Area for Construction, Marking the Sub-Station Area on Ground, Marking the Location of OG Boxes on Ground, Marking the Location of Fire Hydrant on Ground, Laying of Pipes for Fire Hydrant and Laying of Telecom Conduits.

Structural Execution of Sub-Station consists of 5 stages; They are Construction of Foundation for Equipment, Construction of Necessary Cables Trenches and Conduits, Construction of Housing for Switch Gears, Construction of Access Way for Sub-Station and Construction of Fencing Around the Sub-Station after Fitting the Electrical Equipment.

Electrical Installation of Sub-Station consists of 7 stages; They are Delivery of Main Equipment (OG Boxes/transformers/switch gears), Delivery of Main Cables and Sub-Cables, Installation of Switch Gears, Installation of Transformers, Installation of Cables in between the Equipment, Installation of Lighting Protection System and Installation of Other Electrical Equipment.

Delivery of Equipment for Solar Plant consists of 5 stages; They are Delivery of Ballast, Delivery of Mounting Structure on Site, Delivery of Solar Panels, Delivery of DC Cables and Delivery of Inverters.

Installation of Solar Panels consists of 3 stages; They are Installation of Foundation and Mounting Structure, Installation of Panels and Inverters and Installation of Cables in between PV System. There are sub stages for each Installation of Solar Panels stage.

The sub stages for Installation of Foundation and Mounting Structure are Marking the location of Foundations, Placing the Foundation at the Required Location and Installing the Mounting Frames.

The sub stages for Installation of Panels and Inverters are Installation of Solar Panels and Installation of String Inverters.

The sub stages for Installation of Cables in between PV System are Connecting Solar Panels, Connecting Solar Panels and Inverters, Laying Cables in between Inverters and LT Switch Gears, Installation of Lightning Protection System and Termination and Testing of Equipment.

The last and final stage of this project is Testing and Commissioning of Plant. The duration for this final stage will be 20 days as it includes testing of the ready solar panels; furthermore we need to receive a Certification by LEW. After confirming of certification, the project contract will be closed.

Besides creating the estimated timeline, we also created a Trello account to keep track on the planning progress. As each of us has our own job scope, Trello is where we update the On going, pending and completed tasks. Trello shows the tasks list to be done weekly basis, which make the tracking of progress easier. Three boards have been created; they are Design Phase, Construction Phase and Delivery Schedule.

Design Phase consists of General Items, Civil Site Work, Civil Design (MMS), Civil Design (Sub-Station), Electrical (PV Design), Electrical (Sub Station Design, Tasks To Do This Week, On Going Tasks and Completed Tasks.

Construction Phase consists of Civil Design (Site Activities), Civil Design (MMS), Civil Design (Sub Station Activities), Electrical (Site Activities), Electrical (PV Design) and Electrical (Sub Station).

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