5mw Ground Mount Solar Power Plant


Our project progress as of April 2019.


Our project progress as of March 2019.

Our project progress as of February 2019. We are currently in the mid stage of construction. In February, the final stage of Mounting Frames installations and started the PV modules installation.

Our project progress as of January 2019. We are currently in the construction stage. In January, a continuation of Mounting Frames installation on other zones, LV Switch Room, Sub-station, and concreting for fire engine access.

Our project progress as of December 2018. We are currently in the construction stage. In December, installation of Mounting Frames for 6 zones, Placement of Raber cage, concreting for access road, delivery of AC Cables for connecting Inverters to OG Box, delivery of second shipment our of three Mounting Shipment on site for installation, un-stuffing second batch of mounting frames and delivery of Cable Ladder on site were done.

Our project progress as of November 2018. We are currently in the construction stage. In November, ballast foundation has been installed. Also, our E-House and Mounting Frames have been delivered.

Our project progress as of October 2018. We are currently in the construction stage. In October, ballast foundation has been installed.

Current status of the project, as of August 2018, we are in the midst of purchasing the concrete ballast for the project, design the telecom lines, structures for sub-station equipment, housing structure for sub-station, ballast foundation for mounting structure, submitting the structural design of sub-station, ballast foundation and mounting structure to BCA.

In July 2018, a 3D artist impression containerised solution was designed to show how it will be build originally. The 3D sketch was designed according to the hand drawn sketch produced by SME. Besides that, as shown below, a 3D sketch of solar farm was done as well, according to the planned, layout.

Image: 3D design of our containerised solar

Furthermore, we have done the Simulation for PV Plant, submitted Fire Safety measure to SCDF for approval, submitted sub-station design to SPPG for approval, prepared specification for Sub-Station site leveling and compaction, designed mounting structure for solar panels and did site clearing such as uprooting of trees and other necessary activities.

For the status of the project in June 2018, we have completed the submission of documentation stage with the regulations and authorities establishments such as Energy Market Authority, Singapore Power (SP) Group, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Building Construction Authority. We also prepared the specification for Site Leveling, submitted the PV layout and SLD for approval.

We will be submitting documents such as Fire Safety Measures, Power Quality Report, Sub-Station Design for approval, Design and Calculation of sub-station electrical system to the respective companies mentioned above; and also to JTC.

We have completed the Initiating stage where appointment of consultants is being carried out. We are currently in the Planning stage. We have done part of it according to timeline such as doing Pre-consultation with SPPG for Connection Scheme, Submission of CS2 to SPPG, Consultation with SPPG on Sub-Station Layout and Size, Topographic Survey, Soil Investigation for Sub-Station Area and Cable detection Plan at Site.

Besides that (June 2018), we have also submitted some documents and our plannings such as Single Line Diagram, Application of Electrical Supply, Specifications and Datasheet of Inverter and Panels, Drawings of the Layouts, Design Plan for Site Clearing and Leveling, Design Plan for Site Fencing, and Design Plan for the Location of OG Boxes.

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