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We Provide Clean Energy For Residential & Commercial

We Install, Maintain, Service and Monitor


We install solar panels on clients’ site that allow them to generate electricity for their direct consumption. The sun’s electricity is transmitted through solar panels, as using electricity from it will mean that clients will now pay a reduced rate for power consumption as compared to using electricity from the grid. We provide a tip-top installation for our clients. We will make sure that the panels are perfectly implemented. We will be using a clip & lock for the mounting system. Installs or dismantles as clamps and other joiner parts of the panels are designed to clip and lock in place. This method allows us to reduce our installation time to around 30%.


We will maintain and closely follow up, ensure highly maintenance on all equipment including all process. We maintain the setup and installation process as closely as possible, including follow up on how the process is done. We provide a constant improvement on the solar panels and the mounting systems.


We service faulty equipment to ensure it will be as good as the initiation process of installing solar panels. We also provide a servicing period even if the solar panels are not faulty. We ensure that our equipment will not be faulty and the solar panels process will be smooth. We will ensure that the solar panels will look freshly new after the servicing.


We will keep track on our installed solar panels and mounting systems and ensure all is well. Our smart metering solution measures energy generation and consumption in real time with pin point accuracy. We believe that by keeping track on the solar panels and mounting systems, things will run smoothly as expected.

We are a one stop clean energy provider

We want the whole world to know that there is no disadvantage of using renewable energy.

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